Dear Eva is a new Belgian brand launched on 3 July by myself, Christine Swanepoel. I am the owner of Butik Moose, a multibrand boutique for women situated in the heart of the beautiful city Mechelen. 

Before I opnened my boutique I was blissfully unaware of the impact that the fashion industry has on our environment. I however was aware of the extortion of people to create cheap clothing but I felt that it was unavoidable as consumers wanted clothing trends fast and cheap. 

My mother had studied fashion design so I knew a thing or two about the design and production process. After running my shop for 3 years I decided that if I wanted to see change in the industry I was going to have to start with myself. I decided to create a collection that was ethically made and environmentally friendly. 

I strive to create sustainable clothing for the powerful women of today. I combine bold prints, beautiful colors and the perfect fitting to create items that will put a smile on your face and give you that extra confidence boost.