The main goal of my brand is to create beautiful clothing using ecological and recycled fabrics and create these items in a sustainable way. 

I would like to share some facts about my brand so that you as a customer are well informed when buying our lovely collection. 

  1. The collection is designed by myself, Christine Swanepoel.
  2. Dear Eva is produced in Spain by a small locally owned factory.
  3. We strive to use 100% natural or recycled fabrics.
  4. Our items are custom digitally printed with the newest technology, with digital printing you drastically reduce the environmental impact. Many companies use screen printing, this process  requires 50-60 litres of water per meter. Whereas the digital printing techniques we use only require 2 litres. Digital printing takes more time and is more expensive but is the future in textile prints. 
  5. Our items are not mass washed, they can thus shrink 1-2cm on the first washing. 
  6. We do not have deadstock fabrics, once the production is complete we count the remaining/leftover metres and produce extra units of our bestselling style. This is time consuming, expensive and an additional financial risk as I create more items that originally calculated. I believe in creating a no waste brand and this is one of the ways in which I succeed in doing just that.